Curator/Archivist/Assistant to Director

Primary Position Description

The Curator/Archivist/Assistant to Director of the Belton Area Museum Association (BAMA) at the Historic Belton Train Depot shall be responsible for and accountable for the collection.  The Curator/Archivist shall devote his/her full business time and attention to the affairs of BAMA and use his/her best efforts in performing faithfully the duties.

Note:  The listed duties are illustrative and are not intended to describe every function of the job.  The omission of specific statements does not preclude the Board of Directors adding duties not listed if such duties are a logical assignment to the position. 

Description of Work / Primary Job Factors:

*Care for the entire collection of artifacts including archives (i.e. photographs, lithographs, documents, models, leather objects, metal objects, textiles, wooden pieces, etc.)

* Prepare and maintain collections records for the permanent collection, loans and new acquisitions including provenance, description, condition, location, and other essential information.

* Digitize paper records, especially the photographs and letters and memorabilia of the Smyth/Blake Family and the Brown/Latimer Family. 

* Monitor temperature and humidity conditions.

* Assist with locating and writing grants for conservation and restoration.

* Assist with research, planning, designing, preparation, and implementation of the permanent exhibits for the Ruth Drake Museum.

* Assist with research, planning, designing, preparation, and implementation of quarterly exhibits for the BAMA North End Gallery including marketing and promotions to maximize on exhibit exposure and attendance.

*Assist with membership records (i.e. mailing out timely membership renewal notices, thank you notes for memberships received).

*Assist with events/fundraisers/activities sponsored by the museum, as requested.


. Bachelor’s Degree and minimum of four year’s work experience preferred

. Working knowledge of curatorial practices, or willingness to learn

. Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite including Publisher and Excel; PastPerfect curatorial software or experience with other database software; social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat

Apply at beltonmuseum@bellsouth.net or call 864-338-7400 for more information

Open Till Filled

Salary Range: $10-$12 per hour (based on education/experience)

Type: Part Time
10-15 hours per week: can set schedule with Ex. Director’s permission