Certificate of Special Recognition

Eligibility and Award Information

Who: May be awarded annually in three categories:

  1. Individual or Individuals
  2. Group or Organization
  3. Business, Corporation or Foundation

Why: Recipients are deemed to have made special contributions to museums or demonstrated significant interest in the programs, goals and policies of a South Carolina Museum by providing services, personnel, money and/or ideas or have provided special help or support to museums in the state.

How Many: Up to three awards are given each year if appropriate nominees are identified. The Awards Committee may choose to make no award, or to make multiple awards in one or more categories.

Judging Criteria: A nominee in this category must either be affiliated with an institutional member of the South Carolina Federation of Museums or be at least an associate member in the SCFM. Priority will be given to individual or group efforts reflecting great initiative and/or single-handed and long-term commitment to an organization or project. Examples of a contribution may include in-kind assistance, institutional board service, project leadership, docent service, community project leadership, or funding of a special project.

Eligibility: Nominees for the Certificate of Special Recognition must be affiliated with museums that are institutional members of SCFM.

Nomination Procedures:  Nominations will be evaluated solely on the materials provided. Applicants are encouraged to submit as much relevant material as possible. 

A nomination package for the Certificate of Special Recognition should include the awards nomination form and the following:

  • A complete description of the contribution
  • Supplemental data such as total hours contributed, amount of money raised, type of in-kind service
  • Statement describing how the museum’s goals and policies were enhanced

How to Apply

Mail or email nomination materials to:

South Carolina Federation of Museums
Attention: Timia D. Thompson
301 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC 29201

Nomination Deadline: Friday, July 1, 2022

*All materials submitted will become the property of SCFM unless the nominator provides a self-addressed return envelope with adequate postage.