George D. Terry

Dr. Terry held BA, MA, and Ph.D. degrees in history from the University of South Carolina. He served as the first Curator of History and then Director of the University’s McKissick Museum from 1976 -1988 and was a Vice President for Administration at USC as well as head of the museum from 1988 to 1991. Upon becoming Dean of University Libraries he managed the Division of Libraries and Collections bringing together the libraries, Museum and Institute for Archaeology and Anthropology with a focus on collections and public service.

A dedicated believer in the importance of collections to both museums and libraries, his tenure resulted in the dramatic growth of the Special Collections Department at Thomas Cooper Library, and McKissick Museum’s folklife holdings. Dr. Terry shared his knowledge and passion for museums with the graduate students he taught in the Museum Management Program at USC.

A supporter of SCFM, he served in several capacities including President.