Jill Beute Koverman Award

Eligibility and Award Information

SCFM, in conjunction with the South Carolina Fall Line Consortium presents this award for outstanding scholarship in the field of regional material culture. The award is named for Jill Beute Koverman, whose lifelong passion for museums, advocacy and ceramics resulted in the major exhibition and publication, “I Made This Jar: The Life and Works of the Enslaved African-American Potter, Dave”. She served as Chief Curator of Collections and Research at McKissick Museum, USC from 2006 to her passing in 2013. 

Who: May be awarded to an individual once, or to a group or organization (may be awarded multiple times for different projects).

Why: Recipients are recognized for their scholarly body of work in the identification, research, and/or interpretation of material culture made and/or used throughout the Southeast region.

How Many: May be presented annually to one individual. This award may not be awarded each year.

Judging Criteria: Nominations should demonstrate a proven history of work, including pertinent publications, exhibition catalogues, and letters of support from colleagues in the field. A nominee in this category must either be affiliated with an institutional member of the South Carolina Federation of Museums or be at least an associate member in the SCFM. Priority will be given to those whose efforts have regional impact and have most greatly forwarded the scholarship of South Carolina material culture.

Eligibility: Nominees for the Jill Beute Koverman Award must be affiliated with museums that are institutional members of SCFM.

Nomination Procedures:  Nominations will be evaluated solely on the materials provided. Applicants are encouraged to submit as much relevant material as possible. 

How to Apply

Mail or email nomination materials to:

South Carolina Federation of Museums
Attention: Timia D. Thompson
301 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC 29201

Nomination Deadline: Friday, July 1, 2022

*All materials submitted will become the property of SCFM unless the nominator provides a self-addressed return envelope with adequate postage.